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Enterprise Offer estate agency that deals with the mediation in real estate with headquarters in Zagreb, VII Retkovec 121A, operates in the area of Zagreb, and the offer of real estate in Istria, Dalmatia and the islands.

Professional approach to customer service we provide to meet the highest business standards.

Guarantee their safety in the process of buying estates.Profesional work, kindness and discretion, and knowledge of the market do everything to meet the wishes and needs of its clients.

Solution to the Ministry of Economy of eligibility to conduct arbitration in property transactions registered in the register of real estate agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.


  • »  Labor-in purchase and sale of all types of real estate
  • »  Interference by lease or rental of all types of real estate
  • »  Labor in the sale of new projects /li>
  • »  Counseling
  • »  Review of documentation, and to point at obvious disadvantages
  • »  Market valuations
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